Wildflower Chocolate is a craft chocolate and confectionery kitchen in one of Minnesota's beautiful lake towns - Nisswa, Minnesota.
During summer months local artists, yoga instructors and picnic dinner groups host classes and meals on our backyard patio at our production kitchen. My goal in building this business is to create a space for connection, creativity, summer serenity, as well as a long-standing, legacy business for our community. Adding a wholesale program into the mix is allowing for the business to grow outside of our typical tourism and Christmas seasons in Nisswa. Thank you for being here!
We encourage our customers to use our products on dessert boards as a "garnish" and indulgent tasting chocolate to accompany their own family recipes. I think you will find may consumers have not tasted chocolate "like this" before. Concentrated flavor, familiar and elevated combinations... it is joy to bring people into the world of craft confectionery. 
Our production kitchen is at:
patio painting
Consistency, loyalty, genuine relationships and care. Since starting Wildflower Chocolate in 2016 and meeting marvelous people along this journey I have narrowed my business values into these core pillars. Many female entrepreneurs have a similar story: balancing kids, juggling all the commitments, and building a business that supports a certain lifestyle. Everyday we are doing our best. Every year I feel like we are still in the beginning of the dream for what Wildflower Chocolate is becoming. 
Thank you for being here!
Photo: My family, summer 2023, Joanne Gilligan Photography